Our 'Top Five' tips for gifting success.

Gifting for colleague's, freinds and family can be challenging. What to buy? what do they need? what do they like?.....a million questions and it all becomes a bit overwhelming. That's where we step in to help you out (we've got these tips all packaged up for you)...

1. Make it Exciting - The beautiful 'opening' story.

Remember the excitement as a child when someone gave you a present and all you did was play with the paper or the box? There's nothing like the arrival of a brown paper package (our Gift-Boxes arrive channeling 'Julie Andrews' in brown paper packages tied up with string). Open the outer box and reveal the beautiful gift-box inside. Untie the bow and lift the layer of tissue paper..... cue *gentle rustling of tissue paper* to reveal the lovely gifts nestled in shredded paper. Ta-daa! (and now you have the sound of music soundtrack stuck in your head....)

2. Make it Useful.

Gifts that have a use are better received than ones that look nice, but don't really serve a purpose. We've all had our share of 'nice gifts' that are well meaning and look lovely, but that's where the use ends. The memory of a gift is kept alive when it can be used and reused. 

3. Make it Meaningful.

Yes, that can be a hard one.... and that's where we step in to help you out. Gifts with meaning express something to the recipient. Lots of occasions arise in life where it's nice to try and send something that conveys what we are really trying to say.

4. Make it Eco.

Gifts that go lightly on the environment with packaging that can be recycled or used again are generally the way to go. Fairtrade, natural, local..... these are all our preferences becuase it just feels right to reduce our footprint where we can.

5. Make it Different.

Choose something your recipient may not have seen or tried before. Bespoke companies, boutique business, local business. All these add up to a Gift-Box with a point of difference.

And lastly, enjoy the act of gifting....if it comes from the heart, it will always be perfect. xx