Gifting by Design.

Welcome & thanks so much for finding us in our happy place.

It came to my attention that I have seriously neglected the 'blogging' side of I'm now here and will show up regularly (I promise). Hopefully I can give you an insight into my business and answer any questions you may have.

A little background firstly:

I am Shani and I am the owner & creator of 'Say It With A Box.' I live and work in the Upper North Shore of Sydney (however I'm still a Victorian at heart), having grown up in a tiny little Western District town called Landsborough. The wide open spaces and sweet little regional towns still have my heart. For now Sydney is home & admittedly, I do melt every time I see the Harbour and the exquisite Sydney Opera House.

I am a mother of four, hence my need for excellent, strong coffee and my passions (when I'm not mumming) would have to be my business of course, travel, DSLR photography and anything creative. I previously worked in London over a 10 year period (pre-children) and spent most weekends escaping somewhere exciting....oh the memories. 

Fast forward to my return to Sydney when I started this business in 2016. It came about  because I felt there was a real gap in the market when it came to elegant, pared back corporate gift options that really had the luxury feel and sat well within the corporate market. I especially wanted to create a premium experience. When you engage with our business, we take a problem (because gifting can be difficult), solve the problem....and in an understated, elegant way we create your gifts. We want to make that niggly part of business easy for you... and make you look fabulous in the process.

The Gift Boxes:

Our gift boxes come in 3 sizes - petite, medium and large. The black grosgrain bows are the signature flourish. Tucked inside are the contents either of your choice or the range from our website. We've kept the overall look refined, so you can be sure the presentation always suits the corporate feel.

And now to Branding.....

2018 became a huge growth point for us as we took on branding projects for not only our boxes but assisting corporate business with other side-arm branding projects. Here is a little of what we do:

TOP OF BOX: This still gives me butterflies when I get to see your brand on our boxes. It is a really simple process and we offer a range of branding options and items. Firstly you may choose to place your logo onto the top of the box. This is our most popular choice and really makes your brand stand out. All I need from you is your logo in high res format and the colour codes (if you choose to brand in colour) so we can print the exact CMYK/Pantone colour match. Branding takes approximately 1 week, so it is quick, professionally done and painless as far as time-frame and quantities go.


BRANDING EXTRA'S: We can also offer extra options such as branded ribbon, branded tissue paper, Favicon stickers, wine bags, eco coffee cups and more. It's simply a matter of contacting me with your requirements and we can work with you. 

So please feel free to reach out at anytime if you know what you want and need us to help.....or if you have absolutely no idea what you want and need us to help. We get it....and we are here.

We can't wait to see where the rest of 2019 takes us....and you!

Shani. X