NEXSTAR Partnership

For the second year in a row, we have been thrilled to work with the U.S based Company Nexstar Network for their client gifting.

Organising the Australian arm of their client Hampers, we work closely alongside our Gift Box Colleagues, the Minneapolis based Minny & Paul to match their American gifts.

Nexstar Network is a business leadership training and strategy led membership organization, supporting Trades world wide. Nexstar have headquarters based in Texas, Minnesota and Chicago.

In 2020 we formed part of their online summit roll out, to deliver Hampers with key speaker information & forum papers amongst yummy treats and Coffee....of course there was Coffee!

This year we are delivering similar branded Hampers, keeping with Nexstar's branding colours of Navy and Orange.

A key point of note is each Hamper is being sent to male recipients so we have chosen the scent of a wooded Cedar candle, which will appeal to both Male and Female and be a lovely addition to any office or workplace.

We added 'Local Legend's' Beef Jerky as this was not just an aptly named product (local legend's is so fitting for Tradesmen) but it also fitted perfectly with Nexstar's Company colours....and makes a most delicious treat.

We added extra treats to fit our clients budget and branded the top of each Hamper with the Nexstar Company Logo.

Our gifts were co-ordinated to ship at the same time as our American colleagues.

We were delighted to be able to personally deliver two Sydney based hampers ourselves. Always fun, this means stepping out of the Office and getting to see the joy and surprise first hand.

We would like to thank LaChelle at 'Minny & Paul' in Minneapolis for her clear communication and streamlined gifting proposal.

It is such a joy to work with Nexstar again and to team up with our gifting friends at 'Minny & Paul' for the second year running.

We always feel we are on the same page, love the same aesthetic and each project we have jointly worked on has been smooth, creative and fun.

Your business is your life's work. Let's make it count. ~ Nexstar Network.