Corporate Christmas Hampers with Corporate Branding

Place your logo on our beautiful gift boxes and hampers to give your Corporate Gift that impressive touch of Business Branding.
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So, I'm guessing you need to find Christmas Hampers for your Clients and Staff?

Adding YOUR branding to Christmas Hampers is such a beautiful way of making a statement on behalf of your business.

It's also a savvy way of adding a personal touch that speaks volumes when it comes to Bespoke vs Generic Hampers.

We work with so many brands & Corporate Clients who love being able to add personalisation to their Christmas Gifts.

We believe refined, subtle branding is key.

Here's how we can work with you...

Your Logo.

We can work with your main logo, a submark or logo variation, depending on which you prefer to brand your boxes with.

Top of Box.

Top of box branding means instant brand recognition, the unboxing then follows with your brand being front of mind.

What else can I brand?

Great question, we can also add branded double sided satin Ribbon, Branded Cards or Candles. We can always chat branding extra's if you require.

Can I stick with a theme to match my branding?

Absolutely. If you have a dominant colour theme that is instantly recognisable to your brand, we can colour match products to carry throughout your Hampers. 

How many brands do I need to order, is there a minimum?

There is no minimum order with top of box branding or ribbon. We can quote you once we receive your artwork.

Great! How can I order my Branded Hampers?

The easiest way for an instant quote and discussion is to email me direct


simply get in touch via our contact form. 

We look forward to meeting you!