Preparing for Christmas. 5 reasons to order your Corporate Hampers early.


Are you looking to execute seamless & stress free client gifting at Christmas time?

Welcome! You've come to the right place.

We dive into 5 reasons why getting organised early will help your business cruise into the Christmas season with a calm & seamless gifting plan.

Avoid FOMO - Secure Your Hampers.

That's right, secure those beautiful Hampers early so that you can choose exactly what you want, what best suits your client and the message you want to convey with your gift. Hampers sell fast at Christmas time & we want to be sure we have plenty of beautiful stock for everyone who reaches out to us. 

Some important things to think about are;

~ What was the size of transaction/ business relationship we had this year?

~ What does their lifestyle & downtime look like? (wine lover, coffee addict, health conscious, foodie?).

~ Are they likely to want to share their gift with their staff? 

We will allocate & set aside your Hampers as soon as you pop us your wish-list. That way nobody else can get their hot little hands on your Hampers.


Branding Time.

Having ample time to brand your gifts with your company logo, corporate coloured ribbons or a bespoke Christmas card will help to personalise your gifts with that extra special touch. We steadfastly believe those extra touches reinforce brand awareness.

Timely Delivery.

Christmas parties and early office break-ups mean the normal office hours can be a little changeable in the lead up to Christmas. We advise an early December delivery for our Hampers (especially with Hampers designed for office sharing). That way you will be guaranteed to catch your clients in the office, before the holiday period & well before office closure. No-one wants a beautiful Hamper sitting on a desk over the Christmas/New Year period.

Bespoke Hampers.

If you would like to include a particular type of wine or source bespoke items for your Hampers, (which we love doing), the earlier the better. Ensuring your gifts are tailor made for your particular liking means a little extra time is needed to source the bespoke items from the suppliers.



Reduce The Stress!

Imagine hitting send on the spreadsheet in late October or early November & knowing that all your gifting is taken care of. Handing over this major task is one way to reduce your end of year 'to-do's'.

Now there's nothing left for you to do except sit back and look smug.  Let us do all the sourcing, packing & delivering in December when, lets face it, you will be enjoying all those well earned, end of year festivities.


We've designed, branded, packed and delivered Hampers into the thousands since 2016. Please reach out if you would like to jump on board with your client gifting.


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