NETFLIX Partnership

In August 2021 we were absolutely thrilled (understatement!) to be approached by NETFLIX directly, to gift on their behalf within Australia.

Eeeek! Could this be real?

On further discovery, it was REAL and they wanted to work with US!!

Direct from Sunset Boulevard, we where approached by the Company (and they really are very friendly and a dream to work with) to send chosen celebration gifts out on new NETFLIX series launch nights.

Each new series that is released has a significant launch date when it goes to air, and they want to mark that evening with the arrival of a stunning hamper to be enjoyed by their clients/employees/significant 'people', whilst watching the first episode.


In collaboration with our client, we curate sleek celebration hampers (think wine & chocolate amongst other yummy gourmet condiments ) to arrive with their congratulatory messages just in time for the latest release NETFLIX series.

NETFLIX inform us of the delivery dates and we ship Australia wide to meet each deadline. 

It has been a 'pinch me' moment but we are absolutely honoured to be a part of their team, gifting their clients, employees and 'significant people' our beautiful hampers.

Me: 'Mum! Netflix want to send some of our Hampers to their clients!!'
Mum: 'That's lovely dear. I've no idea who he is but I'm sure he's a lovely person.'