Corporate Event Giveaways & New Product Presentation Sydney.

Have you ever?

Have you ever entered a conference room or attended an event only to be given a lousy pen and branded collateral that is neither interesting or useful?

There is seriously no need for boring gifts at your next event, they cost you money & fail to make the most of your beautiful brand. 

That's where, dear friend, we step in to help you create something amazing.

Event gifting, new product presentation or Conference gifts are our specialty, highlighting your product or business in the best possible way...and 'wowing' your attendees on entry.

Luxury matte black conference bags with branded ribbon and marble tissue paper Sydney


Make them EASY to carry.

Make sure you consider how your guests will take their gifts home. They need something they can carry easily. Think gift bags with handles and smaller rather than something large and burdensome. 

Make a statement of LUXURY.

On entering the venue, you want to draw the attention immediately to your gifts, creating a sense of anticipation, excitement and gratitude. It is a subtle and effective way of instantly showing your gratitude for their time.

Think tufted luxury tissue paper, branded ribbon and a sense of unwrapping, this all adds impact and enjoyment.

BRAND, but keep SUBTLE.

The key here is be SUBTLE!

No-one wants or needs to brand every item (the days of branded pens and notepads has thankfully passed). Refer back to your brand, but do so in a way that is elegantly understated.

Overly branded products have been shown to give the impression of desperation or being 'pushy.' 

Use your sub-mark (recognisable to your brand, but subtle), beautiful double satin branded ribbon (luxurious and looks expensive) and keep with your brand colours (another subtle way of brand reference).

Are you holding an Event, New Product Release or Conference?

Get in touch with Shani. With over 5 years in Corporate Gifting, she takes your key brand points & weaves them into luxury gifts.

'Wow Factor' is her specialty.


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